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Recent Publications

Discussion Note: "Relational Expressivism and Moore's Paradox"

by Teemu Toppinen

July, 2015

Discussion Note: "Aligning with the Good"

by Benjamin Mitchell-Yellin

July, 2015

Humean Externalism and the Argument from Depression

by Steven Swartzer

Several prominent philosophers have argued that the fact that depressed agents sometimes make moral judgments without being appropriately motivated...

June, 2015

Manipulation Arguments and the Standing to Blame

by Matt King

The majority of recent work on the moral standing to blame (the idea that A may be unable to legitimately blame B despite B being blameworthy) has...

June, 2015

Discussion Note: "Defending the Suberogatory"

by Philip Atkins and Ian Nance

May, 2015

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