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Recent Publications

Discussion Note: "Against Scanlon's Theory of the Strength of Practical Reasons"

by Eric Sampson

September, 2015

Discussion Note: "The Relevance of Human Nature"

by Nicholas Southwood

September, 2015

Side Effects and the Structure of Deliberation

by Grant Rozeboom

There is a puzzle about the very possibility of foreseen but unintended side effects, and solving this puzzle requires us to revise our basic picture...

September, 2015

Moral Explanations, Thick and Thin

by Brendan Cline

Cornell realists maintain that irreducible moral properties have earned a place in our ontology in virtue of the indispensable role they play in a...

September, 2015

Discussion Note: "The Difference We Make: A Reply To Pinkert"

by Andrew T. Forcehimes and Luke Semrau

September, 2015

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