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Recent Publications

Discussion Note: "Defending the Suberogatory"

by Philip Atkins and Ian Nance

May, 2015

Discussion Note: "Two Versions of Hume's Law"

by Campbell Brown

May, 2015

How to Solve Prichard's Dilemma: A Complex Contractualist Account of Moral Motivation

by Travis Rieder

T. M. Scanlonís contractualist account of morality is articulated alongside and built upon groundbreaking work on moral motivation. According to...

April, 2015

Discussion Note: "Non-Analytical Naturalism and the Nature of Normative Thought: A Reply to Parfit"

by Nicholas Laskowski

April, 2015

Discussion Note: "Expressivism Worth The Name: A Reply to Teemu Toppinen"

by Jack Woods

March, 2015

Discussion Note: "The Moral Fixed Points: Reply to Cuneo and Shafer-Landau"

by Stephen Ingram

February, 2015

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