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Recent Publications

Offsetting Race Privilege

by Jeremy Dunham, Holly Lawford-Smith

For all the talk lately about privilege, few have commented on the moral obligations associated with having privilege. Those who have commented have...

January, 2017

Discussion Note: "Against Hirose's Argument for Saving the Greater Number"

by Dong-Kyung Lee

December, 2016

Irrationality and Happiness: A (Neo-)Schopenhaurian Argument for Rational Pessimism

by Alexandre Billon

There is a long tradition in philosophy of blaming passions for our unhappiness. If only we were more rational, it is claimed, we would live happier...

December, 2016

Discussion Note: "The Debunking Challenge to Realism: How Evolution (Ultimately) Matters"

by Arnon Levy, Yair Levy

November, 2016

Normative Pluralism Worthy of the Name Is False

by Spencer Case

Normative pluralism is the view that practical reason consists in an irreducible plurality of normative domains, that these domains sometimes issue...

November, 2016

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