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Recent Publications

Discussion Note: "Expressivism Worth The Name: A Reply to Teemu Toppinen"

by Jack Woods

March, 2015

Discussion Note: "The Moral Fixed Points: Reply to Cuneo and Shafer-Landau"

by Stephen Ingram

February, 2015

Unfinished Adults and Defective Children: On the Nature and Value of Childhood

by Anca Gheaus

Traditionally, most philosophers saw childhood as a state of deficiency and thought that its value was entirely dependent on how successfully it...

February, 2015

Discussion Note: "Reasons-Responsiveness and Time Travel"

by Yishai Cohen

January, 2015


by Michael Rabenberg

In recent years, philosophers have proposed a variety of accounts of the nature of harm. In this paper, I consider several of these accounts and...

January, 2015

On the Nature, Existence and Significance of Organic Unities

by Michael J. Zimmerman

Many philosophers have endorsed G. E. Moores principle of organic unities according to which the value of a whole must not be assumed to be the...

January, 2015

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