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Recent Publications

Reducing Reasons

by Matthew Silverstein

Reasons are considerations that figure in sound reasoning. This is considered by many philosophers to be little more than a platitude. I argue that...

February, 2016

Discussion Note: "Checking the Neighborhood: A Reply to DiPaolo and Behrends on Promotion"

by Nathaniel Sharadin

February, 2016

Resisting Tracing's Siren Song

by Craig Agule

Drunk drivers and other culpably incapacitated wrongdoers are often taken to pose a problem for reasons-responsiveness accounts of moral...

January, 2016

Is It Bad to Be Disabled? Adjudicating Between the Mere-Difference and the Bad-Difference Views of Disability

by Joachim WŁndisch, Vuko Andric

This paper examines the impact of disability on wellbeing and presents arguments against the mere-difference view of disability. According to the...

December, 2015

Discussion Note: "On the Democratic Value of Distrust"

by Erich Hatala Matthes

December, 2015

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