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Recent Publications

Discussion Note: "The Debunking Challenge to Realism: How Evolution (Ultimately) Matters"

by Arnon Levy, Yair Levy

November, 2016

Normative Pluralism Worthy of the Name Is False

by Spencer Case

Normative pluralism is the view that practical reason consists in an irreducible plurality of normative domains, that these domains sometimes issue...

November, 2016

Promises and Conflicting Obligations

by David Owens

This paper addresses two questions. First, can a binding promise conflict with other binding promises and thereby generate conflicting obligations?...

November, 2016

Discussion Note: "Attraction, Description and the Desire-Satisfaction Theory of Welfare"

by Eden Lin

October, 2016

Actualism Has Control Issues

by Travis Timmerman, Yishai Cohen

According to actualism, an agent ought to φ just in case what would happen if she were to φ is better than what would happen if she were to...

October, 2016

Discussion Note: "Non-Cognitivism and the Problem of Moral-Based Epistemic Reasons: A Sympathetic Reply to Cian Dorr"

by Joseph Long

October, 2016

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