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"Freedom and Resentment" and Consequentialism: Why 'Strawson's Point' Is Not Strawson's Point

by Dale E. Miller

In The Second-Person Standpoint, Stephen Darwall offers an interpretation of P. F. Strawson’s “Freedom and Resentment” according to which the...

September, 2014

Discussion Note: "Immigration Restrictions and the Right to Avoid Unwanted Obligations"

by Javier Hidalgo

August, 2014

Discussion Note: "Against Vote Markets: A Reply To Freiman"

by Alfred Archer and Alan T. Wilson

August, 2014

Discussion Note: "Expressivism and Moore's Paradox: A Reply to Woods"

by Teemu Toppinen

August, 2014

Against Institutional Luck Egalitarianism

by Rekha Nath

Kok-Chor Tan has recently defended a novel theory of egalitarian distributive justice, institutional luck egalitarianism (ILE). On this theory, it is...

August, 2014

Discussion Note: "How Not to Defend Moral Blame"

by Andreas Leonhard Menges

April, 2014

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