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Recent Publications

Liberalism or Immigration Restrictions, But Not Both

by Christopher Freiman, Javier Hidalgo

This paper argues for a dilemma: you can accept liberalism or immigration restrictions, but not both. More specifically, the standard arguments for...

May, 2016

Reconsidering Resolutions

by Alida Liberman

In Willing, Wanting, Waiting, Richard Holton lays out a detailed account of resolutions, arguing that they enable agents to resist temptation. Holton...

May, 2016

The Normative Significance of Self

by Dale Dorsey

A number of recent (and not so recent) works in the metaethics of practical rationality have suggested that features of a personís character,...

April, 2016

Discussion Note: "Are the Moral Fixed Points Conceptual Truths?"

by Daan Evers and Bart Streumer

March, 2016

Discussion Note: "Rethinking Demandingness: Why Satisficing Consequentialism and Scalar Consequentialism Are Not Less Demanding than Maximizing Consequentialism"

by Spencer Case

February, 2016

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