The Journal of Ethics and Social Philosophy is a peer-reviewed online journal in moral, social, political, and legal philosophy. The journal welcomes submissions of articles in any of these and related fields of research.  The journal is interested in work in the history of ethics that bears directly on topics of contemporary interest, but does not consider articles of purely historical interest.

The Journal of Ethics and Social Philosophy aspires to be the leading venue for the best new work in the fields that it covers, and applies a correspondingly high editorial standard.  But it is the view of the associate editors that this standard does not preclude publishing work that is critical in nature, provided that it is constructive, well-argued, current, and of sufficiently general interest.

While the Journal of Ethics and Social Philosophy will consider longer articles, in general the journal would prefer articles that do not exceed 15,000 words, and articles of all lengths will be evaluated in terms of what they accomplish in proportion to their length. Articles under 3k words should be submitted as discussion notes, which are reviewed and published separately from main articles.  

JESP is now on hiatus from considering new submissions. This hiatus will extend until May 1, 2023 or we successfully overcome the copyediting and production backlog, whichever comes first. JESP continues to process and evaluate all current submissions under consideration, and if you have received a past invitation to revise and resubmit, you can resubmit at any time - if you have any technical troubles doing so through our website, please just e-mail us.

Unfortunately, this moratorium on new submissions has become necessary in order to overcome a backog for copyediting and publication that we have accumulated during the pandemic and as our publication volume has grown. Taking this brief break will allow us to use our limited resources in order to get into a position in which we can better serve our authors as they deserve. Thanks so much for your interest in and support for JESP and its completely open-access, university-funded mission, and we hope that you will consider submitting your work again once we reopen.

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JESP is going to temporarily close to new submissions for up to six months beginning on November 1st, 2022. We don't take this move lightly, as we are well aware of the shortage of good venues to publish all of the great new work in moral, social, legal, and political philosophy, and the lengths to which many younger scholars entering the field must go to publish their work. But at this time we believe that taking this brief hiatus from new submissions is the best way to protect the future of the journal and ensure that JESP can continue to provide a model for completely open-access, university-funded publication far into the future.


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Welcome on board to Saba Bazargan-Forward, Hallie Liberto, and David Plunkett, who have all joined our team of associate editors in November 2021.  Carrying out the work of the journal is a service and intensive labor even in good times, and the last two years it has been especially difficult for all of us.  We are proud and delighted to have new help on board.

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